Experience in the use of Hondrocream

The story was sent to Andrei, who had experienced severe trauma, and to cope with the consequences with the help of Hondrocream.

Hey. I wanted to share with you my experience of recovery after a small "accident" that happened to me during Cycling. The consequences of a collision with another cyclist got a couple of bruises and a sprain. Because I had a number of Amateur competition, but the doctor is not recommended to load the body after the incident, I needed a quick result without consequences. Improvements to beat the record time thank you Hondrocream.

How to cope with constant pain?

The situation was hopeless to the doctor for regular negotiations are still advised complete rest, and the promised date is closer. I decided that even if you don't participate, it goes past far too closely. But for this it was necessary to speed up healing and relieve pain. Injuries giving complications on the joints, so the move only can I with the long interruption. Until I helped my girlfriend (a doctor), at the time, was considered practically on the other end of the city, who could not be there always when I needed support.

He advised to ask friends, who are fond of Cycling, as I do, that they get rid of the pain in muscles and joints, with continuous training or after injury. The research gave the result, so I have learned Hondrocream.


Use the ointment as soon as recommendations I don't. First I was afraid of side effects. Secondly, you should consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of individual intolerance of components and a typical "don't hurt yourself". After a short deliberation, the expert gave the go-ahead and I got Hondrocream.

The doctor recommended not to focus on just creams, because there is no quick result from one product can be. So I resorted to the comprehensive measures, however, not even the procedure, which three times a week had to go to the hospital.

Results Hondrocream

The result was to wait a long time. I had a chance to get rid of the annoying pain, discomfort of injuries that have caused serious harm. It was difficult to move, but when you use the cream turned out to save a girl take a walk with me in the shower (awkward enough, I'm not used to this).

I should note that the instructions must be strictly adhered to, not forgetting that any load limbs give complications in the future, and overload of the organism as a whole is not recommended during recovery. Daily rubbing cream for bruises, I had a chance to speed up the recovery, though, and spared himself, remembering the doctor's recommendations.

Medium efficiency

Like I said, waiting for a miracle. Along with all prescribed procedures and rich in vitamins food, using my girlfriend, who supported me and helped, I was able to fully recover and restore the former mobility of the foot. After a full recovery, I have for some time used the ointment as a preventive measure to another bike ride was another injury, and I have to say, it really helped me not to get familiar with the traumatologist again falling on the ice six months after the "accident".

Cream works, and makes it really fast. Can recommend to all my friends, who are fond of sport, and those who have experienced all the consequences of a simple calculator.